Lyn Recipes 食物 餐厅 Joomla Template

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创建: 2023年7月27日

更新: 2024年5月10日

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林恩食谱是一个黑暗, simple yet elegantly designed Joomla template tailored for the 食物 and drink industry. This template combines the power of Gantry framework with the versatility of SP page builder. Create unlimited page layouts and page designs simply by dragging and dropping elements, thus requiring no solid background in coding.

It comes with a drag-and-drop form builder to create any kind of form, 例如, easily create a 餐厅 table 预订 form, 触点形式, newsletter subscription form, job application form and so much more. 除此之外, the advanced template customization options contain predesigned headers, blocks that can be added or deleted with ease, assign module positions to any block, define the number of modules within a grid, 重新排列块, add a logo from the template admin section and so much more. There are 8 predefined color presets which can be activated and applied with a simple click. You can also choose to create your own preset by using the custom style option.

There is also an option to define a custom background, 从没有一个, color, 图像, video or gradient right from the admin section of the template. This template conforms with the industry best practices, uses valid w3c coding standards is fully SEO optimized while guaranteeing faster loading of your website.

Here are the reasons to choose Lyn Recipes Joomla Template:

  • 溢价 drag-and-drop page builder
  • Advanced theme customization panel
  • 超级菜单
  • Custom 餐厅 menu pages
  • Custom backgrounds like colors, videos, 图像s and gradient
  • Fully functional 餐厅 table 预订 extension
  • 5个自定义预设
  • 龙门架
  • 页脚样式
  • 自定义时尚字体
  • 自定义内页
  • Drag and drop forms builder
  • 谷歌地图
  • 图像画廊
  • 视频画廊
  • Built on 引导 5 and SASS
  • Dedicated long-term support
  • 定期更新
  • Fully compatible with all major web browsers
  • 定制食物菜单
  • 枯燥乏味的设计
  • 无限Google字体
  • Pop促销通知
  • 搜索引擎优化定制



-- 更新 theme framework to support Joomla 5.2x -- 更新 and upgraded all extensions


-- Added a new layout for the 酒店 -- 更新 theme to be fully compatible with Joomla 5x


-- Changed from Helix Framework to Gantry Framework -- Added white background layout ——更新页面生成器

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0 评论 for this product




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