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BigCommerce Themes Design

So, you have decided what kind of products and services you’d like to sell. You have created a business plan, started looking for partners, and think about the possible ways of your business promotion. An online store is a proven way to gain wider recognition from your customer base. You can achieve greater exposure to your own brand, as well as start selling for profit. Launching an eCommerce shop will become time- and cost-effective. Use BigCommerce themes as the foundation for your future online project.

BigCommerce can handle online projects of all sizes well enough. This may be a small store that you would like to introduce to the wider community. You can launch a large eCommerce project with an impressive inventory of items. Using BigCommerce, you get the vast choice of tools to build fast-growing businesses. This is the proven online selling platform that can help your brand reach new heights. Such world-known brands as Toyota, Kodak, Gibson, etc. choose BigCommerce.

All BigCommece templates from this collection are high-quality responsive designs. These come loaded with extensive sets of tools and features for the effective development of your online project. The dynamic and functional layouts feature a bunch of customization options. These will help you build conversion-oriented web stores.

All premium BigCommerce themes contain live demo versions. You can check them out in action and decide if the chosen ready-made design meets your expectations.

The best BigCommerce templates will suit a range of micro-niches. These include Fashion, Beauty, Holidays, Gifts, Flowers, Electronics, etc. The collection grows all the time. New premium BigCommerce themes are added by our top vendors on the regular basis. Check out the entire gallery of themes. Choose one that will bring your eCommerce website to the pro level!

How to Create a Website with BigCommerce Templates

Building an eCommerce site using BigCommerce themes facilitates and speeds up the process of the launch of your business venture. To get started, you should have a clear understanding of what niche your web store will belong to. Also, you need to conduct the industry research in advance. This will help you learn the major ticks and approaches of your competitors. Also, you can determine the features that will make your own web page stand out from the competition.

As soon as you come up with the concept of your web store, choose a BigCommerce theme that will become its basis. You can select any niche-specific template from the Templateog体育首页 gallery. Cannot find a theme that’s developed for a specific micro-niche? Feel free to download a ready-made eCommerce that features a relevant design. Customize it as per your specific requirements.

All premium BigCommerce themes from Templateog体育首页 include free 24/7 support. You receive the detailed documentation with step-by-step instructions. This allows you to launch an eCommerce project on your own.

Features of Premium BigCommerce Themes

The premium BigCommerce templates are the fully-fledged solutions specifically intended for online sales. These contain the advanced sets of tools and modification options that are needed to build a reputable web presence. The functionality may differ in different designs submitted by different vendors. You can find the most common ones listed below.

  • Mobile-friendly. The responsive designs of the themes are intended to run flawlessly on all screen sizes, of both desktop and handheld devices.
  • Cross-browser compatibility. It delivers all pieces of data in the perfect style across all popular web browsing apps. This frees you from the necessity to test your web pages in a range of browsers on your own.
  • Retina-readiness. It guarantees that any piece of your site’s content will look razor-sharp on the screens of the last-generation devices.
  • SEO-readiness. Provides for the better data promotion in search engines.
  • Integration and compatibility with the page-width sliders to showcase recent products and offers.
  • Easy-to-use theme style editor.
  • Advanced search provides online shoppers with the ease to find the needed products. Type in a search word or phrase in the respective field.
  • Social media widgets. Social media is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. Adding social media widgets to your eCommerce site keeps the audience better engaged and entertained at the same time.
  • Promotional banners. These draw more attention of your audience to the specific categories of products or certain items.
  • Google AMP powered product and category pages for mobile users.
  • Mega menu. This is the fully editable element that can boost your site’s navigation patterns.
  • A full-width carousel on the homepage for new product promotion & offers.
  • A card-like layout on the homepage to showcase the latest sale & offers.
  • Dedicated sections for featured products & popular products.
  • Blog section. This is the indispensable component of any website. It helps businesses establish a better connection with their audiences. Update the blog section on the regular basis. This is the proven way to boost your site’s visibility and search rankings.

Try BigCommerce Themes from Templateog体育首页

All Templateog体育首页 BigCommerce themes are guaranteed to be of the highest quality only. All of them are checked carefully by the Review Team. These correspond to the latest web design requirements.

The marketplace sells the best BigCommerce themes in the industry. All designs are crafted by professional web designers. The web developers deliver ready-made eCommerce solutions of the highest quality only. All themes are backed with free 24/7 tech support. These include the detailed documentation folders.

BigCommerce Template Design Frequently Asked Questions

Are BigCommerce responsive themes any good?

They are a good option for eCommerce. You can easily modify them to make a unique, modern online shop with numerous products. They are easy to manage and keep up to date. Responsive designs provide mobile device users with the best experience. Everything works correctly on devices with various screen sizes.

How to choose the best BigCommerce site design at Templateog体育首页?

Use the left panel to set topics, tags, color scheme, features, style, price, etc. It filters out the products that do not match your criteria. When you have a few options left – open the details page to learn more about them. Do not forget to use the live demo feature to see how everything looks and works.

What are Stencil BigCommerce premium templates?

Stencil is the theme engine used by BigCommerce. The templates built on Stencil are compatible with the page builder. Such products have a separate category on the Templateog体育首页 marketplace. Please consider checking out the list of our available stencil templates. They are a perfect option for people who are not familiar with coding.

How do I customize a BigCommerce template design?

The first option is to use a page builder. It is necessary to go to the storefront menu, then choose my themes and customization. It opens the page builder and allows you to modify various elements.

The second option is to modify the code. Go to the storefront menu, then choose my themes and click on the advanced button and select make a copy. Name it and wait – it may take some time to duplicate the files. When the process is finished – click on the action icon and edit theme files. You can also access file editing from the page builder. You need to select theme styles and choose edit theme files.

There are also legacy blueprint themes. To edit them, you need to go to the storefront menu, then select my themes and press the edit HTML/CSS button.